Our Pledge: Provide excellent customer service using the freshest flowers available!

Sympathy Flowers

These are samples of some of our past work


Standing wreaths with mixed flowers.  

Flowers, color and sizes can be changed to 

fit your needs.  Prices start at $225.

$$275 as shown.

We can create something very personal for your loved one.


This is an example of a standing vase container.

Flowers, colors and sizes can be changed

to fit your needs.  Prices start art $125.

$125 as shown

Flowers, color and size can be chosen to suit your need.


This is one of our family pieces.  

The flowers, size, and colors can be changed.

Pieces that go on the casket start at $250.

$350.  as shown.

Hearts and Crosses


Hearts can be solid as this photo shows or they can be

open with a swag of flowers like a wreath.

Solid hearts start at $375.00  $425 as shown

Open hearts start at $225.



This is an example of a tropical spray

Sprays can be done in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and flowers.